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Pompton Day Festival

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Pompton Day Information

We are looking for vendors, advertisers and sponsors for the event. We will be publishing a Festival Guide with a pullout map and vendor list for the event. The festival will be taped for broadcast on the new Cablevision PLTV Channel 77. Last year’s festival will be airing soon; please check the station for times.

Are you a craft or food vendor?

Or an artisan with wares to sell??

We are looking for you!
Vendors must provide their own power,
tables, chairs and canopies.

Rates are:
Craft vendor$40.00 a single space, $60.00 for a double space
 $100.00 for food vendors

Advertisers for our Festival Guide and Sponsors for the event are being sought. Sponsorship ideas include horse & carriage rides, permanent picnic tables and park benches along Lakeside Avenue, Festival Shuttles, or the Gala Fireworks display. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Mary Knight: or 973-835-9207.

We are also looking for local talent to volunteer some time. Unique performers such as jugglers, clowns, New Orleans Jazz ensemble, bagpiper, etc., we’d love to hear from you!

Vendors: Marc Pardalis, 973-907-2587
              Janet Sciacchetano,

Plywood Regatta: Renee’ Merlino, 973-831-1976

5K Run/Tennis Tournament: Karen Murphy, 973-839-4167

Festival Guide Advertising/Sponsors
: Mary Knight, 973-835-9207

Youth Sporting Events/Big Wheels Race: Willie Hunt, 973-831-1856

Elks Lodge: Ron Beringer, 973-835-1895

Children's Fising Derby: Joe Koning, 973-835-7096

Scenic River Walk: Ed Merrill, 973-835-0143

Additional information can be found on the Borough’s website: or you may email or for general information call 973-835-9207