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Plywood Regatta

1.    All boats including paddles must be built from:

1 sheet of 1/8” plywood

2 2”x4”x8’ fir

1 roll of silver duct tape

1 lb of screws

2.    Maximum length will be 8 ft

3.    All participants must wear a floatation device

4.    Only one person per boat and all Sponsors must provide their own Captain.

5.    Paint is the only allowed decoration, no paint within ” of any joints or seams. Paint cannot be used as a sealant

6.    Heats will be determined by the number of entries and are chosen randomly

7.    Prizes will be awarded

8.    Pre Registration required by August 5th, pay $20 now and $25 the day of the event

9.    Captains must weigh at least 100 lbs


Regatta participant must be 18 years or younger. Sponsors can contribute financially as well as with construction of the boat and may be of any age.  Only a participant may file a grievance with the build committee. The build committee shall consist of the director and assistant director of operations. If the build committee believes there is merit to the grievance, they shall take the appropriate actions.

$25.00 Registration

$25.00 Supplies

 Payable to Pompton Lakes Recreation Dept

c/o Karen Murphy

25 Lenox Avenue

Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442



Regatta Registration at 11:00 at the Gazebo


CAPTAIN NAME _____________________________

SPONSOR NAME ___________________________

PHONE ____________________________________

EMAIL _____________________________________

CASH___ CHECK___ I will Sponsor____ I will Build____


For additional information, contact Michelle Lesko at (973) 800-5999 or at

Click here to download the Registration Form

** Thank you Soojian Strausser Construction for donating the plywood and 2x4s and R&M Hardware for donating the duct tape and screws**